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Phone: +34662382888
Skype: tondi98

About us

Tenercity24 is a management company.Tenerife has been working in the tourism and real estate market since 2010.
We are investment experts in the Canary Islands with over 9 years of experience.
THE MAIN GOAL OF THE COMPANY is the search and acquisition of highly profitable real estate.
Sale of real estate to customers and shared ownership of property with customers.
The property that you acquire with our help brings you and us income, while we are responsible for the operation of this property and the joint receipt of income from it.
EARN IN EURO WITH Tenercity24Buying apartments, villas or commercial real estate that we recommend, you have the opportunity to earn money with our company on rental and subsequent resale of real estate, earning income from 5% to 25% per year. We will reduce your risks from purchasing property in Tenerife. With us you buy a ready-made business.
You invest, and our experts are engaged in property management and subsequent resale.
The Tenercity24 company is engaged in the provision of travel services, accommodation in aparthotels, private apartments and villas, we also sell real estate to clients,
independently or jointly with investors, we buy residential and commercial real estate to receive income from management or resale.
Our company brings together professionals in the field of tourism and real estate who work under the same brand name "Tenercity24". 

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