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Maintenance costs

Taxes, payments, utility payments


Property tax is 0,5-2% annually from the cadastral value of the property. Owners of the apartments with collective area (common hall, yard and basements) will have to pay 300-500 euros

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 annually for utility services. For independent houses this amount depends on the urbanization level (garbage collection, security, cleaning of the joint area, lightening of the roads) and goes up to 200-800 euros.


Weekly work of the gardener in the independent house will cost 80-200 euros monthly (depending on the scale of the plot); pool cleaning (once a week) - 50-120 euros monthly; house cleaning - 7-10 euros per hour.

Light and water payments are organized according the data of the counters.


Water fees are about 15 euros and light fees are 15.84 euros quarterly. These payments are paid even if there is nobody living in the house. Telephone and Internet bills can arise to 39 euros per month. Satellite dish will cost approximately 120 euros annually.

Property insurance depends on the property value. If your property costs 20 000 euros, insurance fee will be about 500-800 annually.


Maintenance services can be considered as 60-80 euros monthly.



Property maintenance fees


City's municipality with firm periodicity renders the following bills to the owner of the property:

-       Property tax (Spanish IBI). It is about 1% of the cadastral value of the property and is paid once a year. This money is directed to the municipal treasury and is used to upgrade the city. The exact value of the tax depends on the cadastral value of the property and Spanish region.

-       Garbage collection tax (about 50 euros annually depending on the city).


Foreigners who do not live in Spain permanently pay the capital tax (Spanish Impuesto Extraordinario Sobre el Patrimonio). The amount of this tax is regulated by the authorities of each Spanish autonomy and can arise to 0,2% of the cadastral value of the property.


Besides, the property owner pays the electricity, telephone and Internet bills to the suppliers together with the main cost of these services according to the individual counters (0,09 euros kW/hour - electricity; 0,5-0,8 euros - 1 CBM of water). Depending on which companies you have chosen and the consumption level these expenditures can go up to 100-150 euros per family of 3 persons monthly.


Utility fees are obligatory. The amount of these expenditures is determined by the condominium and depends on the number of the owners, level and quality of the utility property, availability of the swimming pool or tennis court etc. Utility payments of the property maintenance are also obligatory if the owner does not live in his property the majority of time.