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Management of your property

Management of your property in Tenerife

It is not a secret that people who buy a property in Tenerife, as a rule, spend their holidays in their new properties only 1-2 months a year and the major part of time, these houses are empty. Renting your property, you can avoid the long-term void period. In this case, the only thing you should do is to make a contract with the administrative company and entrust it to manage your property. The real estate agency "OCCO" can provide you with this service.


We offer you two options to manage your property:

1.     Our company pay the owner of the property a fixed amount of money every month whether your property is rented or not. The payment is realised upon the expiry of each month. Our company pays all the current expenses except any type of the repair works.


2.     We pay to the owner 50% of the rent benefit. All the expenses of the property maintenance are paid by the owner.


Our main services include:

-       Rent a property (publish advertisements, search the clients, draft and sign the contract, manage the rent payments);

-       Maintenance of the house and garden;

-       Cleaning before and after the tenants' arrival;

-       Grocery shopping before the owners´ arrival*;

-       Payment of the utility services, costs' calculation*;

-       Payment of taxes*;

-       Control of the construction and repair process*;

-       Insurance and registration of the damage*;

-       Regular reports to the owner;

-       Post collection



* -  the list of the services provided can vary depending on the agreement with the property owner.


If you are interested in renting your property, please, contact us to get additional information. 




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